Afghan Wireless: A Company Dedicated To Developing Lifelong Learners Who Are Helping Build A Better Afghanistan

For millions of students around the world—and for our team here at Afghan Wireless—(AWCC)—these last two weeks of August are the moment we say goodbye to our summer holidays and hello again to our school textbooks. In fact, I’m happy to tell you that our AWCC team loves studying as much as you love our smartphones!

Right now, a group of my Afghan Wireless colleagues have enrolled in an intensive 39-hour seminar course on Organizational Management and Communications. This seminar will teach members of our staff how they can further develop their already strong skills in the areas of Business Communications, Project Development, Public Relations/Public Speaking, as well as Risk, Time and Resources Management.

Afghan Wireless is proud to support our team members’ determination to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills. We know that the long term success of our Company—and our country—depends on providing our colleagues—and our fellow Afghan citizens—with the education and professional skills enabling them to build a growing and diverse economy.

For well over a decade, Afghan Wireless has championed building the capabilities of our workforce—and prioritizing the goal of Afghan economic independence—by dedicating significant resources to developing the educational, entrepreneurial and administrative capabilities of our executive, managerial and customer service staffs.

We provide our staff with opportunities to earn their college degree and to engage in professional development training. For example, in 2013, AWCC signed an agreement with Kardan University, located in Kabul, stating that the University will provide tuition discounts of up to thirty-percent to all AWCC employees.

In addition to our partnership with Kardan University, we’ve provided our staff opportunities for continuing their education by offering well over fifty-two professional development courses in a broad range of subjects including, Competition Strategy, Effective Management, English, IT and Accountancy.

A very wise woman once said that “Education is for…leaving your community and your world better than you found it.” So, if you’re a student right now—or if you’re thinking about attending school—keep moving forward towards your goal of becoming an educated citizen. Don’t let anything or anyone prevent you from learning more about our world—and understanding how we, by working together—can make Afghanistan and our world, better than we found it.

Until next time,


Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder and CEO, Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC)

Founder and CEO, Ariana Television and Radio (ATN)

Founder, Bayat Foundation


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