Announcing Leading Cricketer, Mr. Rashid Khan as AWCC Brand Ambassador!

Kabul, Afghanistan—April 22, 2024 —The Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) (, the nation’s first mobile communications company, the founder of Afghanistan’s mobile communications market and a leading provider of voice and data services to over 5.5M consumers and businesses, announced leading cricketer, Mr. Rashid Khan as its brand ambassador and signed the contract on April 22, 2024 in India. 

Selection of Rashid Khan as AWCC’s brand ambassador clearly indicates that he is aligning perfectly with our vision. He is young and energetic cricketer who is brilliant both on the cricket pitch and in his social life. Also, he is an inspiration to the young generation of Afghanistan and the world to be positive and follow their dreams 

Rashid Khan epitomizes the AWCC spirit and has made a mark in the world of cricket with his skill and dedication. Through this association, we aim for Rashid to inspire our users to see challenges as opportunities for success. Rashid khan has played a pivotal role in Afghanistan’s rise in world cricket, and we believe his representation will revolutionize AWCC’s brand positioning and product promotions that will run on TV, Print, OOH and Digital platforms. 

This awesome selection and edition to Afghan Wireless family proves that AWCC is all keeping abreast with our customers likings working vigorously to keep customers happy, satisfied and pushing boundaries with its innovative approach to providing first class telecom service & products!   

AWCC is very pleased and proud to have Rashid Khan as its new Brand Ambassador, AWCC understands the popularity of Rashid Khan and the sense of national pride, acknowledges his performances & dedications towards his passion of cricket which has brought many wins for the country & happiness for the people of Afghanistan.  AWCC stands committed to serve Afghans better & bring pleasure into their daily lives. With this partnership AWCC intends to continue to leverage Rashid Khan’s cricket image combined to harness technological advancements and spearhead transformative initiatives that shape the future of telecommunications in Afghanistan benefiting the people and country” said Mr. Aliullah Sarwari, CEO, AWCC. 

Rashid Khan, one of the world’s premier cricket star and captain of Afghanistan T20 Cricket team and Afghan Wireless Brand Ambassador, said: “This is a great brand that I have always believed in and AWCC has been a front runner in the digital possibilities materializing in the country. Together I hope that we help more people to connect, encourage people to learn more and further utilize their talents and share their experiences more widely.” 


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About Afghan Wireless: 

Afghan Wireless is the nation’s first Telecom Company with the largest microwave backbone across 34 provinces celebrated its 25th anniversary on August 8, 2023 & has been recognized as Afghanistan’s Telecom Company of the Year at the 2024 Asian Telecom Awards which was awarded on February 29, 2024 in Singapore. We are the first LTE, only HD voice and Apple certified network in Afghanistan. For over two & half decades, Afghan Wireless has driven the rapid growth of our nation’s communications market, through its innovative development of global-class High-Definition (HD) Voice Communications, LTE Internet, and Mobile Payments Services. We are the only operator with a microwave and fiber optic backbone covering all the provinces. We provide seamless highway coverage on all major highways which include – Kabul to Herat, Kabul to Mazar, Kabul to Turkham, Mazar to Herat, and Kabul to Faizabad. Till date Afghan Wireless has invested over 600 million dollars and has played a key role in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan by creating over 7,500+ direct and over 100,000 indirect jobs. 

Today we have over 5.5 million satisfied customers. We handle over 5.5 million calls every day and help millions of Afghans to connect to the world. 

Lets join together to welcome our nations pride, hero Mr. Rashid Khan! 

For PR enquires and media queries related to Mr. Rashid Khan, Please reach out to Ms. Jyoti Bundel, CEO Arrow Sports and Entertainment and Manager of Mr.Rashid Khan. She is reachable on email 


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