Q1. Do I need to change my SIM Card?

Ans. No you don’t have to replace your SIM Card, for 3G.

Q2. Do I need a new handset or can use same one I have now?

Ans. If your handset is 3G enabled you do not have to change it, but if your handset is not 3G enabled you will be required to change it.

Q3. How do I subscribe to AWCC 3G?

Ans. If you want 3G service, your handset needs to be 3G enabled. 3G services cannot not be available on non 3G enabled handset. You can call or sent (3G) as an SMS to 152. Your services will be activated in 24 hours upon request.

Q4. Do I need special settings?

Ans. Settings are usually done automatically by our OTA (Over the Air) services. However, if for some reason this doesn’t occur, you can set your APN as per the following steps

Pull Method-To request the settings, a customer has to send SMS with keyword <1> to the short code <2009>. In return customer will receive the Data settings with a PIN via SMS, which he needs to be saved.

Push Method – A subscriber can call Customer Care 152 for help with settings. The Customer Care agent will be able to push settings via the OTA interface, available to them.

Customer can also visit Afghan Wireless Brand-shops in case the above two methods are not working

Q5. What are the various data packages on offer?

Ans. Please see all data packages here.

Q6. Can I get service outside Kabul?

Ans. At this moment 3G services are only available in Kabul & Kandahar. However, we will update list of coverage areas, when services are available.

Q7. How can 3G services be available?

Ans. 3G services would be available on 3G enabled terminals, handset & devices.

Q8. I am subscribed to a 2G Package, can I upgrade to 3G?

Ans. Yes. You can upgrade to 3G upon calling or sending sms to 152

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