4G/LTE Router FAQs

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What  is AWCC 4G LTE Router?

It is a package of 4G LTE Router with free internet benefits up to 12 months. Customer will get 1 4G LTE Router, 1 Free Top SIM, and Free internet 1GB/month for 12 months.

How much  is the price of AWCC 4G LTE Router?

We have two package available as follow:

1.     ZLT P25 – Indoor 4G LTE Router at 4,199 AFS.

2.     ZLT P28 – Indoor 4G LTE Router with Antenna at 4,999 AFS.

Customer will receive 1 Free TOP SIM and 1GB/month up to 12 month. Both devices are capable for sharing up to 16 devices.

What is the details & specification of both devices?

Please check the specification table below.
Where can I buy? It is a limited offer which is  only available at following sales points:

(1)    Brandshop – Kandahar

(2)    AWCC Corporate Sales

Why should customer use AWCC 4G LTE Router?

It is suitable for homes and offices who are  looking for fast internet connection powered by AWCC 4G LTE and for multiple access. The devices are capable to share up to 16 users.

How can I do recharge and purchase the data access for this device ? §  Customer must visit the nearest e-top-up seller and ask the e-top-up for the device number.

§  After recharging – customer can purchase the normal data package via device user interface or can be via website.

o   1st step: Set the computer IP address same with the router network segement, or use the automatice access to get the IP address. After the computer IP address is set, enter the device IP address on IE browser:, press enter to the device configuration web.

o   2nd step: Click the login icon to enter the web user Name: admin, password: admin

o   3rd step: Click on the message icon and send the SMS shortcode to 151 & get your desired bundle activated.

How would  I know that I am an eligible for that benefits?

After activating your SIM card you will get the  benefits.

If I didn’t get the benefits, what should I do? You can dial 152 or visit nearest Brandshop. Our agents will check your number and will solve your problem.

For what I can use the benefits? You can use the benefits for data only.
How can I check my balance? Dial 152, one of AWCC customer care agent will inform you.
When I can use the benefits? Directly after receiving activation confirmations SMS.
If I had activated another package with it for which one it will be used 1st?

The priority is given to the free data, After it is consumed completely you can use from another package or PAYG, but based on less time priority.
After expiry date can I use it? No! After expiry the benefits  will be forfeited. You must buy the data package or use it with PayG internet access.

Are the benefits  transferable to next month? No! The benefits are not transferable.

If I consumed my benefits before 30 days, what should I do to use more? You can activate any one of the normal data packages

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