Network Infrastructure Security (NIS) Supervisor

  • Kabul
  • December 8, 2023

Afghan Wireless Communication Company

Job Title  Years of Experience 
Network Infrastructure Security (NIS) Supervisor  5 – 7 years 
Duty Station  Probation Period 
Kabul, Afghanistan  3 month 
Post Date  Contract Type 
11/8/2023  Permanent 
Closing Date  Contract Duration 
12/8/2023  1 year 
Reference  Contract Extensible 
AWCC/HR/23/VA/195  Yes 
Number of Vacancies  Minimum Education 
1  Bachelor's Degree 
Salary Range  Gender 
As per company salary scale  Any 


Job Summary 

The NIS Supervisor is responsible for the accomplishment of all heretical jobs that are coming through the NIS Manager. Advise and assist Network, WAN, and WLAN administrators in fulfilling their assigned projects on time. 

NIS Supervisor under the guidance of the NIS Manager plans, schedules, organizes, and directs all network and data communications activities of the Network section; directs Network Engineers in the design, installation, operation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of hardware and software data communications equipment; provides departmental support for all network communication projects; performs related duties as required. 


Duties & Responsibilities 

  1. Ensures effective supervision, direction, and assignment of network activities:
  • Supervise the network staff, and monitor the defined tasks assigned by the NIS Manager. 
  • Efficiently provide the design, scheduling, and status reporting of all network activities. 
  1. Efficiently determine the requirement of LAN/WAN & WLAN requirements at corporate network, and remote offices including the below tasks:
  • Review the requirements of network equipment that are suggested by the WAN Administrator for the setup of a particular AWCC regional office requested for network/internet. 
  • Provide troubleshooting hints and advice to the WLAN administrator regarding maintenance, software upgrading, and security implementation. 
  • Monitor and review the IT-NIS inventory records reported by the Network Installer Team Leader. 
  1. 3.    Efficiently lead projects and provide technical support for the Engineers, focusing on the achievement of the following results:
  • Lead the projects assigned to the network administrators and engineers to accomplish the assigned projects on time. 
  • Provide technical support for all installation and troubleshooting tasks performed by the network engineers. 
  • Review all the outstanding trouble tickets, direct the concerned engineers regarding the trouble tickets, and ensure the successful completion of the task. 
  • Monitor network performance, capacity, history, and baseline statistics and prepare reports on all areas of network operations. 
  1. 4.    Provide effective desktop, WLAN, LAN/WAN, and Communication support and focus on the achievement of the following results:
  • Set up, manage, and maintenance of the WLAN and LAN/WAN Communication in the AWCC offices. 
  • Install and configure new equipment and systems in WLAN and LAN/WAN and corrective actions in case of failure. 
  • Maintenance of All Core, Distribution, and Access Layer devices including Cisco PIXs, ASA, 7200 series routers, Barracuda Web Filter, Switches and Cisco APs, and all WLAN LAN/WAN equipment, periodically updating software and configurations as well as the documentation. 
  • Troubleshoot and monitor network problems, Network traffic, usage, and performance. Follow up with staff for corrective measures. 
  • Response to user needs and questions regarding network access. Assist the Network Engineers in the configuration of network resources. 
  • Implement backup and restoration procedures for all Cisco devices that are in the Core, distribution, and Access layers of the AWCC network. Maintain the backup logs for the security proposes and network policy making etc.  
  • Implement network security procedures for the AWCC internal servers to protect the company’s data from the outside world. 
  • Establish network access policy and control systems to ensure that all AWCC corporate network Access layers and equipment are in proper repair and working to maintain satisfactory communications. 
  • Assistance in Network access, file transfers, and conversions. 

Maintenance of a log of reported problems and corrective measures taken. 

  1. 5.    Ensure knowledge building and knowledge sharing between the IT-NIS Team members:
  • Define staff training requirements, schedule education, cross training, policy and procedures review as per directions of the NIS Manager. 
  • Keep abreast of current technology through self-study, trade publications, and professional activities. 
  • Assist Network engineers with selected product research; provide technical and operational support to network engineers on their new assignments. 


Job Requirements 

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science/information technology or related fields is required. (Master is preferred) 
  • Must be certified in CCNA, CCNP and CCPN-security, JNICA-ENT, JNCIA-Security, and JNCIS-ENT, plus Microsoft, CompTIA, or any other industrial certifications are highly preferred. 
  • Good skills and knowledge of information systems security, and excellent technical skills in server systems, databases, and networking. 
  • 5 to 7 years of experience in the Information Technology field. 
  • Ability to meet deadlines, work under pressure, good negotiation and organizational skills. 
  • Ability to Provide 24/7 network services for corporate users. 


Submission Guideline 

The interested candidates should fill out and submit the APPLICATION FORM with complete and correct information. To have access to the APPLICATION FORM, please copy and paste the link into your Web Browser.

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