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پیغام استول او د خبرو خدمتونه

د کوډونو له لارې فیسبوک

د دې خدمت په هکله معلومات:

فیسبوک د ګډون کوډونو له لارې هغه خدمت دی چې مشتریان کولای شي د کوډونو له لارې فیسبوک ته ننوځي. د دې خدمت له پاره انټرنېټ ته اړتیا نشته.

  1. Service details
ګېډۍ Validity Price څنګه ګډون وکړو
میاشتنۍ 30 ورځې 50 افغانۍ/میاشت په ۵ پړاو کې د ۱ شمېرې سره ځواب ورکړئ (بله پاڼه کې)
اونیزه 7 ورځې 25 افغانۍ/اونۍ په ۵ پړاو کې د ۲ شمېرې سره ځواب ورکړئ (بله پاڼه کې)
ورځنۍ 1 ورځ 5 افغانۍ/ ورځ په ۵ پړاو کې د ۳ شمېرې سره ځواب ورکړئ (بله پاڼه کې)

Dial *303#to get started

  1. First time users
Step 1  Dial *303#
Notification You will get USSD response as “Welcome to Facebook over USSD from AWCC. Reply 1 to accept the service terms of use.”
Step 2 Reply with 1
Step 3 Service will ask for your Facebook login ID. Please enter your login ID
Step 4 Service will ask for your Facebook password. Please enter your password
Notification  Subscribe any bundle to enjoy Facebook –Reply 1 for monthly pack @ 50 AFN/month

Reply 2 for weekly pack @ 25 AFN/week

Reply 3 for daily pack @ 5 AFN /day

Step 5 Reply with desired pack number, like if you want to subscribe monthly pack, reply with 1
Notification You will get USSD response as “Thank you, we have received your information and you will be notified shortly via SMS regarding your request.”
Step 6 Wait for a SMS notification of successful and dial *303# again.You should be in the Facebook over USSD Main menu
  1. Available features
  • 1 News feeds
  • 2 Update Status
  • 3 Post on friends’ wall
  • 4 Friends’ Birthdays
  • 5 Friend Requests (view only)
  • 6 Messages (you can only chat with a friend who is online from http based web)
  • 7 Notifications
  • 8 Logout
  • 0 Help

Once you are in the Main menu

Reply with 1 To see the top 3 entries of news feed (wall posts)Reply 1 to see first post

Reply 2 to see 2nd post

Reply 3 to see 3rd post

Reply 4 for more

Reply * to go to previous menu

Reply # to go to main menu

(remember you have to reply in 40 seconds)

Reply with 2 To update your statusTo update new status just reply with new texts.. that will be posted as your status
Reply with 3 To post on friend’s wall
Reply with 4 To check if today is any of your friends’ birthday
Reply with 5 To view pending friend requests (view only)
Reply with 6 To read unread messages (you can read only)
Reply with 7 To check the new notifications
Reply with 8 To logout of your account. If you do so, you need to enter your username and password again
Reply with 0 To see tariff plan and unsubscribeIn this stage,

Reply with 1 to see the bundle prices

Reply with 2 to unsubscribe. If you unsubscribe, your Facebook over USSD service will be unsubscribed, your original Facebook account will not be changed in anyways.



  • ورځنی ګډون ـ ۵ افغانۍ
  • اونیز ګډون ــ ۲۵ افغانۍ
  • میاشتنی ګډون ــ ۵۰ افغانۍ

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