Afghan Wireless, Afghanistan’s Only Provider of 4G LTE Service, Continues Rapid Expansion of Nation’s Fastest, Most Technologically Advanced Network

Kabul, Afghanistan—November 12, 2017—Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) (, Afghanistan’s first mobile communications company, the founder of Afghanistan’s mobile communications industry, and Afghanistan’s only provider of 4G LTE voice, data, entertainment and mobile payment services to over 5,000,000 consumers and businesses, once again demonstrated AWCC’s unchallenged position as Afghanistan’s most technologically advanced wireless company, by announcing the expansion of the Afghan Wireless 4G/LTE Network to Herat city on 1st November, 2017.

AWCC’s extension of its 4G LTE network to Herat city is the latest demonstration of AWCC’s exceptional ability to deploy advanced, high speed communications services throughout Afghanistan. Seven months after launching its 4G LTE communications network in Kabul City, AWCC remains the only wireless company in Afghanistan to provide 4G LTE communications capacity to a rapidly growing portfolio of business and individual subscribers.

The inclusion of Herat within the AWCC 4G LTE network was commemorated with an official ceremony, attended by senior AWCC executives and leaders from the Herat region.

“The debut of AWCC's 4G LTE network in Herat is another example of AWCC’s determination to meet the strong and rapidly growing demand for the fastest and most technically advanced wireless communications we’re seeing from our subscribers in Herat, Kabul and in every part of the nation,” said Mr. Amin Ramin, the Managing Director of Afghan Wireless.

About Afghan Wireless:

The Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) ( is Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company and the founder of Afghanistan’s wireless communications market. Launched in 2002 by Mr. Ehsan Bayat, Chairman of The Bayat Group (, AWCC provides 4G LTE, 3.75G+, 3G, 2.5G, Voice, Data, Internet and Mobile Payment Services to more than five million Business and Consumer Clients, located in all of Afghanistan’s thirty-four provinces. The Company has global partnerships with 425 wireless carrier networks in 125 countries.


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