AWCC 3G/4G Signal Repeater

AWCC 3G/4G* Signal Repeater is an indoor repeater device for improving voice and mobile internet signals for AWCC customers. This product is targeted for customers who are in weak or blind mobile signal zones, frequently facing call drops and need to improve the quality of telecommunication within their corporate premises.




  • Signal coverage up to 500 square meters
  • Package includes: donor antenna, service antenna, 30 meters cable with connectors and power adaptor
  • Installation and activation will be done by AWCC


*Repeater Function (Optional):

The repeater can either be used for 3G Data and Voice, or only 4G Data signal strengthening.


Question Answer
What are AWCC Repeaters? AWCC 3G/4G Repeater is  an  indoor  device for

improving Voice and Mobile Internet signals.

What are the benefits of this device?  It strengthens the mobile communication signal.
What are the features of AWCC Repeaters? ·       Compact size

·       Easy to install.

·       Low consumption, low interference to BTS, high linear design.

·       Reduce cell phone radiation

·       Extend standby time for cellphone battery

How is it installed? 1.     Install the donor antenna outside the building

2.     Connect it to the adaptor through the cables and connectors

3.     Then connect the adaptor through the cables and connectors with the service antenna

4.     Put the adaptor in charging socket and switch it on

What are included in the package? The package contains:

1.     Donor antenna

2.     Service antenna

3.     Cables with connectors

4.     Power adaptors

5.     For more details follow the guidance letter

How far is the signal coverage distance capacity? Approximately 200-500  square  meters  mobile Signal coverage
What is the LED Indication? Power On – Green

Power Off – No light

What’s the operating


-10℃ ~ +55℃.
How much is the price? 7,500 AFs (Device only)
How can I buy AWCC Repeater? This product is sold through AWCC Corporate Sales Team; contact: .Limited stock available.
What is the frequency range? Uplink: 1920 ~ 1980 MHz Downlink: 2110 ~ 2170 MHz
What is bandwidth? Uplink: 60MHz Downlink: 60MHz
What is the power supply source? DC: +5V/0.8A

When ALC is not active?

When ALC is active 5-10db?

When ALC is active 15-20db?


It gives a green signal

It gives an orange signal

It gives a red signal

What is the weight? It is ≤0.5 Kg

HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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