Student Pack

Take advantage of unprecedented value & discount with the special student pack!

Our student’s pack is designed specifically and exclusively for students of universities.

Afghan Wireless special students pack allows the students to enjoy the freedom of calls and text messages without worry, activate Internet and voice bundles at the lowest price, and stay connected with their friends and family. By activating the best internet bundles, they can continue their studies online, download their books and study materials at the fastest speed, and communicate with their loved ones on social media platforms.

SIM price: 50 AFN Only.

Monthly Just pay 90 afghani and enjoy the benefits.

  • Make closed user group (CUG*) calls & send SMS FREE
  • Make calls per MIN and send per SMS to AWCC numbers at 1.5 AFN Only
  • Make calls per MIN and send per SMS to other local networks at 1.5 AFN Only

Best Data Bundles:

  • Daily: 600 MB at 30 AFN. Send 600MB to 151
  • Monthly: 12GB at 600 AFN. Send 12GB to 151
  • Monthly: 25GB at 999 AFN. Send 25G to 151

Best Voice Bundles:

  • Weekly: 250 Min at 45 AFN. Send 250M to 151
  • Monthly: 600 Min at 110 AFN. Send 600M to 151
  • Monthly: 1200 Min at 180 AFN. Send 1200M to 151
  • Activate the CUG by dialing *284*1*1#
  • Activate the CUG call & SMS discount by dialing *284*3*1*CUGID#
  • Minutes are valid from AWCC to AWCC
  • SIM replacement price: 50 AFN only

HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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