Balance Transfer

Now Afghan Wireless Customers can easily share up to 200Afs/Day credit with their beloved friends and family. Transfer amount starting from 10 AFS to 100 AFS with daily limit of 200 AFS.

Transaction mechanism,
Dial *444*1*070XXXXXX*Amount#

Question  Answer 
How Can I transfer the credit to another AWCC Customer? Dial *444*1*070XXXXXX*Amount#
for example: *444*1*070XXXXXX*50#  for sending 50 AFN to 070XXXXXX
How much credit can I transfer per transaction? You can transfer up to 100Afs in one transaction
How much is the transfer fee? 2 AFN per transaction
How much the transfer limit per day? Maximum 200Afs/Day.
Can I confirm my transfer? Yes. You need to reconfirm the transaction by Dialing  *444*2#
Can I cancel the transaction? Yes you can cancel the transaction by dialing *444*3#

For More Information Call / SMS 152 or Call 0700 830 830 or visit any Afghan Wireless Brand Shop

Emergency airtime service: Will allow AWCC prepaid subscribers to get an emergency loan while they run out of balance and make call or send SMS.

Loans value

Loan Amount Charges Validity
10 AFN 3 AFN/loan 90 Day
20 AFN 3 AFN/loan 90 Day

Ways to apply for loan:

Loan Amount SMS Subscription
10 AFN Send 10 to 707
20 AFN Send 20 to 707

Or Dial *707#
Terms & Conditions applied for more details please call our customer care 152.

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