International Call Rates

Afghan wireless provides you with the best international call rates so you stay connected other countries of the world at lowest rates.

Zones Call Rate Select Country Country Code
Zone A 5.99 AFN
Zone B 7.99 AFN
Zone C 9.99 AFN
Zone D 12 AFN
Zone L 15.60 AFN
Zone E 20 AFN
Zone F 25 AFN
Zone G 35 AFN
Zone H 50 AFN
Zone I 200 AFN
Zone J 600 AFN
Zone K 1000 AFN


The call rate to India, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and UAE will follow the new rate as below table effective starting Jul 31, 2019.

INDIA +91 7.99
IRAN +98 7.99
PAKISTAN +92 15.6
TURKEY +90 15.6
UNITED ARAB +97 15.6

Terms & Conditions:

  • The new ILD Rate is applied effective on JUL 31th, 2019.
  • The new ILD Rate is a standard rate for mass consumer (prepaid, hybrid, and postpaid)
  • The new ILD Rate will be implemented at 6 countries destinations for Fixed & Mobile
  • Exception for Turkey (country Code +90) with the city code (5102220, 510260, 510261, 592, 594, 596) will be change from 12 AFS/Min to 60 AFS/Min.
  • The ILD billing pulse is per 60 second for both Fixed and Mobile destination.
International Calls with Lowest Rate

Now you can call to 13 countries only at 3.75 AFN per minute.

Make call with the lowest rate to Pakistan, India, USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Denmark, Belgium, China and Malaysia only at 3.75 AFN per minute.

Just pay 1 AFN per Day and call family and friends in 13 countries, at 3.75 AFN per minute, to enjoy lowest call rate and long conversations.

How to Activate:

Activation Deactivation
*888*5*1# *888*5*2#
Activation Deactivation
5ILD send to 151 D5ILD send to 151

Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion is applicable for all Prepaid Plans Customers.
  • Int. Top-13 countries Special Offer will be charged per 60 seconds.
  • All AWCC prepaid customers can subscribe to this plan through USSD & SMS.
  • Subscribers need to have sufficient balance to use the bundle.

For More Information Call / SMS 152 or Call 0700 830 830 or visit any Afghan Wireless Brand Shop

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