Afghan Wireless Internet packs, you can browse the net at an affordable price. Check out our exciting range of Internet packs available on all prepaid users.
Product & Tariff Details Prepaid:

Product Name Price in AFN Total Quota Main Quota Bonus Quota Main Quota Validity Bonus Validity Activation De- Activation Balance Check
Daily Mini 10 AFN 60 MB 1 Day *477*1*1# *477*1*2# *477*1*4#
Daily Mega 30 AFN 200 MB 1 Day *477*2*1# *477*2*2# *477*2*4#
Weekly Super 100 AFN 500 MB 7 Days *477*3*1# *477*3*2# *477*3*4#
Monthly Mini 250 AFN 1.5GB 1GB 0.5GB 30 Days 7 Days *477*4*1# Not Required *477*4*5#
Monthly Super 400 AFN 3.75GB 3GB 0.75GB 30 Days 7 Days *477*5*1# Not Required *477*5*5#
Monthly Mega 600 AFN 6.5GB 5GB 1.5GB 30 Days 7 Days *477*6*1# Not Required *477*6*5#
Monthly Nokhba 800 AFN 8.4GB 6.25GB 2.18GB 30 Days 7 Days *477*8*1# Not Required *477*8*5#
Monthly 10GB 1100 AFN 14GB 10GB 4GB 30 Days 7 Days *477*10*1# Not Required *477*10*5#
Monthly 20GB 1800 AFN 20GB 30 Days *477*16*1# Not Required *477*16*4#
Monthly 30GB 2700 AFN 30GB 30 Days *477*27*1# Not Required *477*27*4#
Daily Facebook Pack 2 AFN 35 MB 1 Day *232*1*1# *232*1*2# *232*1*4#
Weekly Facebook Pack 15 AFN 140 MB 7 Day *232*7*1# *232*7*2# *232*7*4#
Monthly Facebook Pack 40 AFN 250 MB 30 Days *232*2*1# *232*2*2# *232*2*4#
Monthly Night Surf * 199 AFN 4 GB 30 Days *477*199*1# *477*199*2# *477*199*4#
Weekly Night Surf * 75 AFN 1.5 GB 7 Days *477*75*1# *477*75*2# *477*75*4#
Daily Night Surf * 25 AFN 500 MB 24 Hours *477*25*1# *477*25*2# *477*25*4#
Pay As You Go 1 AFN 1 MB

*1- Every day between 12:00 AM to 07:00 AM
Data bonus is valid for 7 days from 11pm to 8pm (21 hours).
For More Information Call / SMS 152 or Call 0700 830 830 or visit any Afghan Wireless Brand Shop

We have made it easy for you!

Choose your bundle and be on your way- FASTER, BIGGER AND BETTER.

With KAHKASHAN COMBO DATA PACKS, get the freedom to enjoy the fastest data network, make On-Net calls and send SMS.


KAHKASHAN COMBO DATA 199 Afs 1GB+ On-Net 30 Mins +300 SMS (30 days), Dial *477*198*1#
349 Afs 1.5GB+ On-Net 60 Mins +500 SMS (30 days), Dial *477*349*1#
499 Afs 3GB+ On-Net 120 Mins + 1000 SMS (30 days), Dial *477*499*1#

Terms & Conditions

  1. Kahkashan Combo Data Valid for All Prepaid Customers (TOP SIM, 299, YBS, JW, BN).
  2. Monthly Pack is valid for 30 days starting activation date with auto-renewal.
  3. Data allowance for any network access (4G/3G/2G). Voice & SMS for AWCC to AWCC.
  4. Data allowance is 50% for normal ANYTIME access & 50% for NIGHT internet.
  5. Night Internet starting 12:00AM to 07:00AM.
  6. Cross subscription between the pack are not allowed.
  7. Customer are eligible to subscribe multiple time by deactivate the current pack.
  8. The entire quota will be reset when deactivate the bundles.
  9. Customer will receive notification at 70%, 85%, and 95% of usage
  10. Any balance remained shall be forfeited when meet the expiry time.
  11. Standard PAYG (1AFS/MB) are applied when quota exhausted or expired.

Stay Connected With The Fastest 4.75G+ Internet!

Afghan Wireless is committed to providing best level of services and products to ensure our customers are satisfied. To achieve this, we understand your needs, constantly work on improving our services and keep you updated along the way. We always make it easy for you to stay connected with your family and friends.

We pleased to introduce you Pay As You Go (PAYG) Scheme – A new Pay As You Go scheme which empowers Afghan Wireless Data subscribers with more flexibility to take full control of their Data usage and benefits as per their choice and usage.

Customers can now freely switch between the two options to get more control over Internet usage.

  • Dial *555*5*0# to activate Internet access without bundle (PAYG)
  • Dial *555*5*1# to deactivate Internet access without bundle (PAYG) and Purchase any Data Bundle for the best Internet rate.

Enjoy the fastest, most reliable 4.75G+ Speed with widest coverage available in Afghanistan.

  • Pay as You Go (PAYG) Service is de-active by default.
  • Pay as You Go (PAYG) Service is also de-active when bundle customer has consumed all data bundle. They will not be able to use Data PAYG until they activate it by themselves
  • Customers will receive the notification at 95% and 100% usage, with the option to re-subscribe to the current bundle or to continue the Internet service with Pay As You Go by dial *555*5*0#

HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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