Siemens SGT-A45, The World’s Most Advanced Gas Turbine, Will Form Core Of Bayat Power-1, And Produce Electricity For 200,000 Afghan Homes and Businesses

Kabul, Afghanistan—April 15, 2019—Bayat Power, the power generation division of Bayat Energy (, Afghanistan’s largest Afghan-owned Energy Exploration, Development and Production Company, announced today that the Company has achieved a crucial milestone in its mission to provide affordable and reliable electric power to all Afghans, with the Company’s acquisition and shipment of the Siemens SGT-A45 Mobile Turbine, the world’s most advanced gas to electricity power generation solution.

The Siemens SGT-A45—made in Houston, Texas by Siemens USA —can generate up to 41 megawatts (MW) of power at 50 HZ. The Siemens SGT-A45 forms the core of the first phase of Bayat Power-1, Bayat Power’s Gas to Electricity power plant, located in Northern Afghanistan.

Bayat Power’s acquisition of the Siemens SGT-A45—a powerful symbol of the Afghan-American partnership, which is rebuilding Afghanistan’s power sector while also creating jobs in America—was commemorated at a ceremony attended by high level representatives including:

  • H. E. Roya Rahmani, Afghan Ambassador to the United States
  • Karen L. Freeman, Assistant to the Administrator for the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs, USAID
  • Dr. Ehsan Bayat, CEO of Bayat Power and Founder, The Bayat Group
  • Dan Simpson, Executive Vice President Global Solutions, Siemens USA
  • Richard Wolf, President and CEO, Relevant Power Solutions, LLC

“As the representative of The Government of Afghanistan, I want to thank Dr. Ehsan Bayat and Bayat Power; as well as the Siemens/RPS team for being our partners in the quest to develop Afghanistan’s vast energy resources,” said H.E. Roya Rahmani, the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States.

“Bayat Power is proud to be the very first power company in the world to operate the Siemens SGT-A45 Mobile Turbine—and to harness its unmatched power production capabilities in service to the Afghan nation,” said Dr. Ehsan Bayat, CEO of Bayat Power and the Chairman of The Bayat Group.  “This project and the Siemens SGT-A45 fast power solution will form the foundation upon which we will create thousands of jobs and provide the essential electricity required to create jobs, companies, and entire industries in Afghanistan.”

This first phase of Bayat Power-1 is scheduled to become operational in late summer 2019 and generate enough electricity for 200,000 Afghan homes and businesses. When all three phases of Bayat Power-1 are completed, the plant will generate 200 megawatts of power, enough electricity to serve millions of Afghan residential and commercial users.

About Bayat Energy:

Bayat Energy is Afghanistan’s leading Afghan Owned Oil and Gas exploration, Development and Production Company. Founded by Dr. Ehsan Bayat, the Chairman of The Bayat Group (, Bayat Energy is a division of The Bayat Group of companies, which include Afghan Wireless ( Ariana Television and Radio (, and additional Construction, Consumer and Logistics Enterprises. Learn more about how Bayat Energy is building an Afghan energy industry, which will provide affordable, accessible to the Afghan people by visiting our website:


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