Fastest Internet and Fireworks: Kandahar Joins Afghan Wireless’ 3.75G High Speed Broadband Network

Afghan Wireless loves to celebrate every milestone when our products and services make connecting you to the people and things you love much faster—and much more fun. So, in June, when Kandahar became the latest city to join our 3.75G High Speed network, we marked this particularly magnificent milestone with more than a few fireworks, which you can see right here:

Right now, our customers in Kandahar are instantly and easily sending and receiving their largest files, listening to music, streaming video and other services on Afghan Wireless’ 3.75G High Speed network—which I’m proud to say—is Afghanistan’s fastest and most technologically advanced high speed broadband service.

Kandahar's inclusion within Afghan Wireless’ rapidly expanding broadband service area, is one of many positive results arising from our company’s intensive investments in world-class broadband solutions and transmission systems. Afghan Wireless is providing the latest in Smartphone support technology by utilizing Dual Carrier-HSPA+(High Speed Packet Access plus) technology at each of its 3G sites. This solution enables Dual Carrier-HSUPA (high speed uplink packet access) for the first time in Afghanistan, permitting uplink data rates of up to 42 Mbps per cell, giving Afghan Wireless customers the fastest 3.75G services available.

You can learn more about Afghan Wireless’ 3.75G high speed broadband service by reading our 3.75G Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Information Sheet:

By the end of 2015, Afghan Wireless will be the first—and only—wireless company providing high-speed broadband services to every major city in Afghanistan. Being first is part of who we are—after all, Afghan Wireless was our country’s very first wireless company and we launched Afghanistan’s mobile communications sector.

We’re proud of being first—but we’re prouder of being the best wireless communications Company for you, by making certain that you will always have access to the world’s fastest, most advanced, mobile communications services.

So, have a great time using our 3.75G broadband networks to talk, text, stream and surf!


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