Transport Manager

Job Title: Transport Manager
Vacancy No: TR/318/09/2015
Organization: AWCC ( Afghan Wireless Communication Company)
Duty Station: Kabul
No of Posts 01
Announcing Date 13-Sep-15
Closing Date 22-Sep-15


Submission Email
Reports to: Head Of Transport
Organizational Back Ground AWCC is the first and biggest GSM Operator of Afghanistan. For more info please visit:
Description of the Post The incumbent of the position has the overall responsibility of planning, staffing, organizing, controlling, leading, monitoring and evaluating all transportation activities of the company throughout the country. This position will make sure availability of transportation facility and mobility of all teams all around the country for the entire company in accordance to the established rules, regulations and policies of the company.


Main Responsibilities
  1. Manages, supervises and monitors all activities and performance of the transport staff and provides necessary guidance, support, training and counselling to transport staff in order to be able to receive requests for transportation and managing them in an accurate and effective manner.
  2. Advises the dispatching team to take care of their behaviour with the clients and ensuring high degree of customer satisfaction through responsive, responsible, nice and friendly attitude and behaviour.
  3. Manages, organizes and allocates transportation resources to different transport department in an effective and efficient manner as well as checking all Regional weekly expenses prior to taking approval of the head of the department.
  4. Conducts inspections, monitors and makes timely decision to send vehicles for preventive maintenance, major or minor repair, denting, or painting based on pre-determined schedules to the transport workshop as well as following up the Worksop head to get vehicles repaired as soon as possible.
  5. Takes care of solving all types of problems related to transport and deals with complains regarding transportation in a professional manner.
  6. Gives approvals of items out & in’s base on Transport-workshop needs through SGS on line System.
  7. Manages staff, addresses employee complaints, deals of internal conflicts and assigns teams to investigate and inspect accidents and incidents and identify the faulty party for further process.
  8. Takes care of hiring drivers and other vacant positions of the transport in coordination of HR HQ and the head of the transport department based on merit and in a competitive and transparent manner.
  9. Provides necessary assistance to the head of the transport department in planning for future activities of the transport department in order to increase efficiency and productivity and decrease costs and wastage.
  10. Visits to all regions for checking vehicles’ status, transport problems, transport system implementation joint with workshop technical team twice in a year or as required.

Monitoring & Controlling:


  1. Monitors and controls performance of all staff members of the department ensuring high degree of professionalism and high standards of service delivery to all stakeholders, coordinating with departments, listening to their complaints and suggestions and bringing forth necessary improvement to the quality of the transportation services.
  2. Monitors, checks and reviews the transportation routing of the dispatch team and bringing necessary changes taking into consideration effectiveness and efficiency
  3. Assesses all needs and requirements of the transportation department including fuel, workshop equipment, vehicle accessories, facilities and spare parts regularly and raise purchasing orders in a timely manner to ensure effective and efficient transportation services for the company.
  4. Controls regions GPS devices installed in vehicles of the regions and identifies problems & faults-errors-bags to be repaired and travels to the provinces in case the devices are not fixed for further provision of assistance in repairing them.
  5. Controls the Nex-Traq software keeping it active, functional, updated and upgraded all the time for generating reports and controlling vehicles.
  6. Manages all issues related to New GPS ordering, licensing from MoI, installation, re-installation, repair, stocking and continuous setting and adjustments.



  1. Plans, organizes, manages and controls fuel issuance, fuel distribution, fuel ordering, fuel replenishment, fuel norming, fuel policies and fuel reporting.
  2. Manages fuel team in an effective manner to make sure all activities are in line with the established policies of the company.
  3. Takes care of reconciling fuel consumption with GPS-Km and with the fuel issuance documents to make sure accurate and transparent use and reporting of fuel consumption.
  4. Manages are transport requests through VRS, email and phone calls and checking drivers’ log books for accuracy and being updated in order to be utilized in fuel distribution.
  5. Assesses fuel requirement of the company, initiates fuel requests, manages fuel stocks, and manages the pump station and check the quality of the fuel for each and every vendor.
  6. Check all fuel consumption reports and puts effective checks and balances in place to control and reduce fuel wastage, misuse and consumption.



  1. Manages, plans, coordinates, and supervises all activities related to transport administration. Supervising performance of the transport admin team in all activities related to transport.
  2. Guides admin Supervisor on how to manage his schedule for (recruiting-leave balance, absent overtimes-Salaries-ID-cards Regional-trips-expenses-Air ticket booking-TORs-trainings-staff Assessments-Promotions-Demotions-Appraisal and disciplinary actions) in close coordination with HR HQ.
  3. Evaluates and monitors implementation of administrative rules, regulations and policies of the company on all transport staff and take necessary measures and corrective actions in case of observing problems, hurdles and violations.
  4. Prepares transport audit plans and implements audits throughout the entire transportation departments of the company at the central and provincial levels with Admin.
  5. Controls Travel permits & other legal documents of each and every vehicle of the company and coordinates with relevant departments to process the documents and keeping them updated.
  6. Checks and controls staff attendance, leave balance, dealing with late coming, early leaving and other related issues in an adequate manner in close coordination with transport admin and HR HQ.
  7. Controls and monitors all incoming and outgoing communications from transport department to all internal and external entities. Control Approvals of Fuel sent outside sites to vehicles with Security.
  8. Any other tasks assigned by line supervisor

Note: The above terms and conditions are subject to regular review and amendment as required by the company.

Qualifications and Experiences
  • At least university degree in Business Administration, Transport Management, Economics or any other relevant fields.
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in the same position or any similar position.
  • Excellent communication skills both; in writing and oral in Dari or Pashto and English.
  • High computer literacy & good working knowledge of modern telecommunication systems (telephone, PBX emails-outlook, internet & Online Fleet System).
Desirable Attributes
  • Demonstrated transport management practical experience and competency.
  • Ability to establish, manage and organize a teams.
  • Ability to evaluate employee performance and take necessary action accordingly
  • Ability to organize, plan, monitor and control people, time, activities, resources and information in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Strong critical thinking and reasoning ability.
  • Detail oriented, self-confident and motivated.
  • Be able to motivate, encourage and discipline team members.
  • Strong competency in working with calculations, measuring and figures.
  • Demonstrated skills in report writing, filing and managing staff.
  • Ability to monitor and evaluate staff and take action to resolve conflicts in a timely manner.
  • Capability of assessing the training needs of the staff and ability to train, counsel, coach, and mentor subordinates.
Submission Guidelines The interested candidates should submit their resume with recent photo by email to:

Kindly mention the position title in the subject line of your e-mail. AWCC regrettably cannot respond to individual queries in relation to job or on the status of individual applications due to high numbers of applicants. If you have not been contacted within 2 weeks after the closing date, then please assume that your application has not been successful.


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