The Bayat Foundation Builds Housing—And Brings Hope—To The Children of Tahia Maskan Orphanage

Kabul’s Tahia Maskan Orphanage provides shelter, safety, food, education—and a measure of hope for a better life—to 500 Afghan children, who are as young as four to as old as eighteen years of age. The living conditions at Tahia Maskan are down-to-earth and the children who live there represent a tiny fraction of the 2,000,000 orphans throughout Afghanistan who are the most vulnerable of our citizens—and desperately in need of all the help we can give to them.

Last week, The Bayat Foundation completed the renovation of a dormitory at the Tahia Maskan Orphanage—a project that will have a big and positive impact on the lives of the children living Tahia Maskan now, and in the days to come.

Our renovation project began with the strong partnership we established with the Executive Staff of Tahia Maskan, and also, with the leadership of the Enabled Children’s Initiative (ECI) (, an Afghan based organization serving special needs children. Several children with special needs live at Tahia Maskan, and the renovated dormitory will provide them with the housing and treatment they need not just to live, but also, to thrive.

The scope of repairs the dormitory needed was big, but I’m happy to say that our hearts and our determination to help the children in every way possible, was even bigger. Some of the renovations our Foundation provided to the dormitory included, the complete removal of the building’s interior structure and the installation of new flooring, interior walls, sleeping quarters, laundry and bathroom facilities, the provision of new furniture and air conditioning. Now that the renovations to the building are completed, the dormitory will welcome its first residents this summer.

The Bayat Foundation’s work to renovate Tahia Maskan’s dormitory is the latest example of our long-term commitment to help the children of Tahia Maskan. In 2013, The Bayat Foundation installed a computer lab at the orphanage and donated supplies of children’s winter clothing. And we’ll continue to provide assistance to the children of Tahia Maskan—and to children throughout Afghanistan—for the reasons stated so powerfully by my wife, Mrs. Fatema Bayat: “These orphans deserve hope, our help—and above all, they deserve our love.”

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Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder and CEO, Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC)

Founder and CEO, Ariana Television and Radio (ATN)

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