The Bayat Foundation Winter Aid Program Distributes 134,520 Meals, Warm Clothing and Hope To Thousands of At-Risk Afghan Families

Afghan Winters can be as cold and harsh, as they are snow-filled and beautiful to behold. And for thousands of Afghan families, the Winter of 2016-2017 has been especially unforgiving: record snowfall, together with dangerous avalanches and severe cold, have exhausted the ability of many of our Fathers and Mothers to provide their children—and themselves—with the healthy, nutritious meals and warm clothing that are absolutely critical for surviving the winter season.

During the most intense period of our winter weather—from December 2016 through the end of January 2017—The Bayat Foundation’s Winter Aid Program provided 134,520 high-nutrition, prepackaged meals and warm winter clothing to thousands of families living in Kabul City, Samagan, Jalalabad and Paktia Provinces.

The Bayat Foundation launched its first Winter Aid program in 2007, and every year, we make certain that the food and warm clothing that the Foundation provides is given to the families throughout Afghanistan who are most affected by our country’s winter weather. And this year, more than ever before, the need for Winter Aid assistance was nationwide.

In Kabul’s District Six, the Bayat Foundation distributed 27,360 prepackaged meals to thousands of residents. In addition to providing many days’ worth of highly nutritious meals, the Foundation also distributed numerous items of winter clothing, including jackets and blankets.

In Samagan Province, the Foundation provided 22,800 meals to local families as well as a large number of displaced persons also living in the region. The Bayat Foundation also worked to provide Winter Aid assistance to families living in Jalalabad and Paktia Provinces. In Jalalabad, the Foundation distributed 50,160 meals to residents, while in Paktia, 27,360 meals were provided to the Province’s most at-risk families and individuals.

Nourishing The Lives of Afghans is not just the mission of The Bayat Foundation, it’s the heartfelt promise we’ve made you—a promise that we work everyday to fulfill. With your help, we will continue to nourish the bodies and minds of Afghans, so that together, we can build an Afghanistan which flourishes with hope, prosperity and peace for us all.

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Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder and CEO, Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC)

Founder and CEO, Ariana Television and Radio (ATN)

Founder, Bayat Foundation


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