Cinematographer & Drone Operator (Re-Announced)

  • Kabul
  • February 22, 2024

Afghan Wireless Communication Company

Job Title  Years of Experience 
Cinematographer & Drone Operator (Re-Announced)  4 – 5 years 
Duty Station  Probation Period 
Kabul  3 month 
Post Date  Contract Type 
8-Feb-24  Permanent 
Closing Date  Contract Duration 
22-Feb-24  1 year 
Reference  Contract Extensible 
AWCC/HR/24//VA/009  Yes 
Number of Vacancies  Minimum Education 
1  Bachelor's Degree 
Salary Range  Gender 
As per company salary scale  Male 


Job Summary 

The incumbent of this position directs camera operators and lighting crews, assigns appropriate shots and camera positions, records video or still images during production, and edits video footage to create the final film product. Besides he must have extensive knowledge about how the drone operates and how it interacts with its environment. This includes knowing how to properly operate all of the drone’s controls, how to interpret data from sensors on the drone, and how to react to any unexpected situations that may arise while flying. 


Duties & Responsibilities 

  • Direct camera operators and lighting crews, assign appropriate shots and camera positions, record video or still images during production, and edit video footage to create the final film product. 
  • Work with directors and film crews to create important visual effects for film and TV. Read through screenplays and choose appropriate lighting, angles, framing, and filters to create the mood of the film. 
  • Conduct research regarding available locations, props, sun position, and weather conditions at the prospective film sites. 
  • Visit locations and take a series of test shots before deciding on the angles, filers, film stock, framing, equipment, lighting, and techniques that will be used to create the desired atmosphere of the film. 
  • Approve costumes, make-up, and hair, as well as the color and textures used on set. 
  • Conduct site surveys to determine location requirements for equipment placement or other needs. 
  • Operate drones during search and rescue missions, disaster relief efforts, and other emergencies. 
  • Navigate drone controls to maneuver the aircraft through various tasks such as capturing images or video footage of an area. 
  • Research potential new applications for drone technology. 
  • Train employees on the proper use of drones and maintain their equipment. 
  • Record data about weather conditions during flight time to help calculate safety risks. 
  • Fly drones to take pictures or videos of areas that are difficult to reach physically due to terrain or other factors. 
  • Communicate with clients on location to provide instructions and receive feedback on photos or videos as they are being taken. 
  • Monitor drone status and perform any maintenance that is needed to keep them in good working condition. 


Job Requirements 

  • Bachelor’s degree in film, production, or a similar discipline. (An associate degree is also acceptable.) 
  • At least 4 years working experience in the film industry. 
  • Good physical strength. 
  • The ability to work long hours and spend time away from home. 
  • A passion for film, good eye for detail, and excellent hand-eye coordination. 


Submission Guideline 

Interested candidates should fill out and submit the APPLICATION FORM with complete and correct information. To have access to the APPLICATION FORM, please copy and paste the link into your Web Browser.

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