Ketaab is a digital based library service that you can search your desired books and start reading of them, at the ketaab portal you will access to verity types books which is more efficient to increase your general, Islamic, Historic, Geographic and other knowledges.

At the Afghan Wireless Digital library, you will avail, PDF, Audio and video-based books.

Available Books:

  • Islamic Books
  • Learning Videos
  • Biography Books
  • History Books
  • Horror Books
  • Jokes
  • Children Game
  • Detective and Thriller
  • Non-fiction books
  • More

How to Activate:

  • For Daily Send 1 to 799 or call 799
  • For Weekly Send 2 to 799 or call 799
  • For Monthly Send 3 to 799 or call 799


How to deactivate

Service Pricing:

Package Price Validity
Daily 5 AFN 1 Day
Weekly 20 AFN 7 Days
Monthly 50 AFN 30 Days

For more information: Please contact 152.

HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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