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AWCC AZMOON “ANSWER & WIN” CONTEST is a Quiz & entertainment based service aiming to improve the General Knowledge of youths & is a fanciful opportunity for all AWCC subscribers to join & start answering easy questions & Win amazing prizes.

There are a number of categories in Azmoon Contest from which you can choose. These categories include topics from history, technology, literature, science, geography, mathematics, sports, technology and even video games. It is worth mentioning the ability of the user to compete in two types of play modes.

The Single Player:

In this mode the player is playing alone, essentially struggling without an opponent.


In this the player faces other players from around the world. Both players have to deal with questions & get the points according to the answer and the speed that the correct answer was given.


In this mode unlimited players can join & have certain time to answer the questions and stand a chance to win Daily, Weekly & Monthly.

Azmoon Contest is available on


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