AWCC brings its Score Soccer Contest for all football lovers!

Join the brand new Score Soccer contest and enjoy real run-time and kick physics for an immersive and legendary football experience!

Score Soccer contest is an exciting simulation of the real game of soccer style, incorporating all the tactical moves of the game which consist of moving, kicking the ball, headers, tackles, and more.

Every AWCC subscriber participating in the “Score Soccer Contest” has the opportunity to play, answer multiple choice questions, earn more points & win prizes.

How to participate.

  • Dial *253#
  • Or Visit:
  • Also you can download the app from google store


Daily Fee, 5 AFN l Weekly 15 AFN & Monthly 30 AFN only


Every AWCC subscriber has the opportunity to win AWCC Top Up Cards & Data Bundles.

For deactivation Dial *253*2#

We are excited to bring AWCC GameStore App to the market as it complements AWCC vision to provide the latest technology to all Afghans at an affordable price and to drive the country’s digital transformation. Casual games played on smartphones typically gain traction among the 23-36 year old age group, a sizeable segment AWCC will now serve better in the mobile marketplace.

AWCC Game Store is a Subscription Club for games and apps. For a fixed and attractive fee, you get unlimited access to hundreds of the best games and apps.

Packs Subscription Fee Validity
Daily 5 Afs 1 Day
Weekly 25 Afs 7 Days
Monthly 90 Afs 30 Days

For customer convenience service is available on renewal subscription

How can I access/subscribe the service?
You need to visit and choose any plan of your choice.

How do I install a game/app?
If you have an Android phone you can install a game/app from AWCC Gamestore when you have subscribed to the service and have an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data. Open the AWCC Game store app, tap on a game/app and then tap “Install”.

Can I play games on iOS?
Yes, If you have an iPhone all games are played directly in the browser.

How many games/apps can I download on my Android?
If your subscription is active, you can download and use as many games/apps you want.

How many games/apps can I have on my Android?
On average, the available games/apps are about 40 megabytes. If you have 2 gigabytes of free space on your smartphone, it's possible to store approximately 50 applications

I changed my phone, how do I install Games on the new phone?
You can download and install the latest version of Game Store after allowing unknown sources on the new device as well.

Where do I find my installed games/apps on my Android?
Open Game Store App, click on the toplists and then “My Apps”. Here you can find all games/app that have been installed.

Why am I not able to download a game/app on my Android?
Should you encounter any issues downloading a game/app, check the following:

  • The storage space on your smartphone (the game/app will not download if there is insufficient storage space on your smartphone)
  • Your connection (a bad connection can prevent a download from completing).
  • Confirm that the smartphone allows installation from AWCC Game store by opening “Settings” on the smartphone and navigate to “Unknown Sources” option (under “Security” or “Applications” depending on the smartphone model). If unchecked, tap the checkbox and then tap OK on the confirmation popup.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Go to My Account and there you can cancel your subscription.

When I cancel my subscription, can I still use downloaded games/apps?

Games/apps are associated with the subscription, if you cancel the subscription, you can no longer use the installed games/apps.

We are introducing, a website opening a whole new world of gaming experience with news, community engagement and unmatched gaming experiences.

GameZone is a one-stop shop for news of the best PC and mobile games available today. Visitors can read about, have access to expert reviews and get the latest updates on games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Counter Strike and a variety of other action and strategy games.

GameZone is the best mobile gaming experience for everyone. Register and connect to AWCC GameZone gaming servers and enjoy an unmatched experience with minimum latency. Afghan Wireless customers can get 5GB monthly for up to 6 months to play their favorite games for free when using our peering servers.

Dial *477*128*1# to receive the monthly 5GB for FREE.

Our GameZone server on Discord is the home to join and engage with the gaming community. Member have free access to dedicated chat rooms specifically created for every game catering to each individual fan base. For more details on AWCC Gamezone servers visit our AWCC Discord channel and use the following link join:

Game Server IP Server Name Hostname
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  
Quake 3: Arena  
GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer AWCC San Andreas Multiplayer Server
Half Life 2: Death Match

#Let’s Meet #GameZone


What is ?

Afghanistan’s first online gaming portal which allows customers to play premium games from their own PC

  • Gamers play against each other or creates team
  • Gamers can join tournaments that will be organized by AWCC
  • Gamers can chat/talk with team members while playing the game Thru Discord

Who are eligible to this offer? dedicated for Afghan Gamers segment.

Is there Specific Data Bundle for this?

Yes ! AWCC will gives you up to 30 GB free data to play game from Gamezone server. during 6 months promotion customer will receive 5 GB/ month.

How to get this free Bundle?

Please dial*477*128*1# and you will get free 5GB / month only for accessing GameZone Servers.

How I get up to 30GB?

The 5GB is Auto renewed every month for 6 months promotions period.

Will I be charged if I consume 5 GB?

You will be charged from you main Data Bundle or PAYG until you reach to next month.

How will I check my balance?

Balance Check *477*128*4#

How will I use the free data bundle?

You must have chargeable data pack or be on PAYG. The free data bundle starts once you Connect to Game IPs.

Can I play game through this website?

NO! you must download the games on the PC and find Game servers to connect to GameZone Servers.

What are the benefits of ?

  • Game players can join to tournaments
  • Game players can share their feedback and comments related to their favorite games
  • Can create a chat room with their group members on Discord.

What are the Games?

  • Medal of Honor
  • Battle Field
  • Mine Craft
  • Dota
  • Doom 3
  • Quake

What are Game server IPs?

Game Server IP Server Name Hostname
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  
Quake 3: Arena  
GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer AWCC San Andreas Multiplayer Server
Half Life 2: Death Match

HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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