Afghan Wireless HD Voice Service: The Clearest Mobile Calls Here, There And Everywhere

Moments before you started reading this post, you saw this rather interesting icon on our Afghan Wireless Home Page.

HD Voice Logo

What is HD Voice? Thanks for asking, because I am eager to explain how our new HD Voice Service provides Afghan Wireless subscribers with the clearest sounding, highest quality mobile to mobile calls available in our country today.

Our HD Voice Service is based on a technology called Adaptive Multirate Wideband Technology, or the much easier to remember acronym W-AMR. What W-AMR does, is improve the quality of mobile-to-mobile calls so tremendously, that users of HD Voice describe the quality of HD Voice calls as if they were speaking with the party in the same room.

Afghan Wireless is the only wireless company in Afghanistan to offer HD Voice Service. So, if you’re reading this post and you’re not an Afghan Wireless customer, well, I’ve just given you a great reason to try us!

Not only can our HD Voice Service detect and communicate the full range of the human voice—it also has the world’s most advanced noise cancellation technologies, which greatly reduce background interference and help increase call clarity.

Both our business and consumer clients have eagerly adopted Afghan Wireless’ HD Voice Service. HD Voice Service is especially essential for Afghan businesses—for example, companies that conduct large scale conference calls, customer service centers and emergency services providers—for whom clear voice communications are critical to their success. With HD Voice Service capability, Afghan Wireless clients are now part of a rapidly expanding worldwide community of 300,000,000 mobile subscribers who use HD Voice Services.

Everyone here at Afghan Wireless is proud that our Company’s HD Voice Service will help you communicate more clearly than ever. Because, although we all may speak with different voices, one fact is certain: regardless of our differences, everyone has the right to be understood.


HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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