Khoshbakht lucky draw

AWCC’s Khoshbakht lucky draw is open to all AWCC subscribers who haven't re-registered their SIM cards with electronic tazkira yet, so they can register their SIMs for FREE from any nearest AWCC brand shop. After successful SIM re-registration, they will be automatically entered into the draw, stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes and become a millionaire.

The subscribers who enter AWCC's Khoshbakht lucky Draw are eligible to win different levels of prizes, including:

  • Weekly Draw: Every week 7 lucky AWCC subscriber will win cash prize of 10,000 AFN
  • Monthly Draw: Every month 1 lucky AWCC subscriber will win cash prize of 500,000 AFN.
  • MILLIONAIRE GRAND PRIZE DRAW: 1 lucky AWCC subscriber will be the winner of Grand Prize to win cash prize of 1,000,000 AFN.
  • Free benefits as gift: Get 100 MB Internet, 100 minutes & 100 SMSs instantly after registering your SIM, valid for 7 days.

To re-register your SIM card, you need one of the following documents.

  • Original electronic tazkira
  • Original e-passport with paper tazkira
  • Paper Tazkira along with a person holding e-Tazkira or e-passport as a guarantor.

Important note:

  • Customers using registered SIM’s will be eligible to win the Lucky Draw prizes.
  • The winners will be contacted only through 152 AWCC official line.
  • Dial 447 or *447# to know your SIM registration status.

Wishing you all a very good luck.

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