Afghan Wireless On Target To Hire 5,000 Local Afghan Employees

Kabul, Afghanistan, 30 March 2012 – Afghan Wireless (“AWCC”), Afghanistan’s leading telecom operator and one of Afghanistan’s largest private employers, has crossed a significant threshold in hiring more than 4,300 local Afghan employees. AWCC has a short-term goal of directly employing 5,000 locals before its 10th Anniversary to continue to show its’ commitment to the Afghan people. Indirectly, AWCC is involved with the employing more than 100,000 local Afghans through Top Up card resellers, Public Call Office (PCO) members, and sim card dealers. AWCC’s work force is now comprised of over 97% Afghans showing AWCC is truly a company run and led by Afghans.

The 4,300 employed locals benefit from AWCC’s “Afghan Development Program” (ADP). ADP is the program that AWCC uses in providing training and retention services to its local staff. Amin Ramin, AWCC’s Managing Director, had this to say about AWCC’s investment in personnel resources, “AWCC’s long-term growth ultimately rests on the successes of its employees. AWCC invests in our employees through training and development. We want AWCC to play a significant role in providing a better Afghanistan and that provides better lives for our employees. All our managerial staff members are expected to support a work culture directed towards helping our employees grow professionally, improve as individuals, and ultimately achieve their full potential.”

Mr. Nadir Abdullah, AWCC’s Human Resources Manager, commented on AWCC’s local recruitment effort. “AWCC actively recruits local Afghan candidates every day. AWCC creates opportunities for personnel development in these three ways:
1. On-the-job experiences

2. On-the-job relationships through networking & feedback

3. Formal training opportunities

AWCC’s Chairman, Ehsan Bayat, is proud to continue to see Afghans building and maintaining the network, “AWCC strives to remain a telecommunication leader and is always interested in employing Afghanistan’s men and women that can contribute to the company’s future. The Afghan people have quickly grasped the telecom field through training and on the job experience and now run many facets of AWCC’s day to day operations. In turn, they are helping to provide for their families and make a better life. Also, many Afghans that have gained experience at AWCC have gone on to start their own businesses or joined other companies which has further helped develop the Afghan workforce. ”

For employment opportunities, kindly contact AWCC at and be a part of AWCC’s commitment to the Afghan people.

About Afghan Wireless:

Headquartered in Kabul, AWCC serves approximately 4,000,000 subscribers throughout Afghanistan; and is one of the largest employers of Afghans. AWCC employs over 4,300 people directly and another 100,000 indirectly. AWCC is a leader in delivering wireless and broadband communication solutions to residential and business customers. Additional information is available at or through Telephone Systems International (“TSI”) website at


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