New Products and Solutions Are Providing Swift, Secure And Affordable Communications Services To Afghanistan’s Companies

Kabul, Afghanistan — June 11, 2018 — Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) (, the nation’s first mobile communications company, and Afghanistan’s leading provider of 4G LTE HD Voice, data, entertainment and mobile payment services to over 5,000,000 consumers and businesses, announced the launch of three new innovative Business Communications Services:

AWCC 4G LTE For Business: Stronger Signals, Secure Communications and Dedicated Data Bundles:

AWCC is enhancing its 4G LTE for business offering with a new suite of services enabling corporate clients to communicate more efficiently and affordably than ever.

AWCC’s 4G Repeater Device enhances the quality of 3G/4G signals within a 500 square meter area. The AWCC Repeater device is a complete solution, containing an antenna, thirty meters of cable, connections and a power adapter. Demonstrating its commitment to exceptional customer service, AWCC will complete the installation and activation of the 4G Repeater at the client’s location.

 AWCC PABX: Secure, Swift Business Communications:

AWCC’s PABX solutions provide businesses with secure point to point voice and data communications via a direct, E1 connection to AWCC’s network. AWCC’s PABX service doesn’t require a sim card for activation and clients that use AWCC’s PABX service receive discounted bulk pricing for their Internet and Voice Services as well as 24/7 Client Support.

 10 GB Corporate Data Bundles: High Usage, High Value:

AWCC’s 10GB Data Bundles provide companies with a robust and affordable data plan, enabling continuous connection to the Internet and usage of high usage data applications. Companies can activate the 10GB Data Bundle Service by dialing*477*10*1# from their Afghan Wireless mobile device.

“AWCC’s Business Communications Services are giving Afghan companies of every size the ability to innovate, expand and connect with their clients here in Afghanistan and throughout the world,” said Mr. Amin Ramin, AWCC’s Managing Director.

About Afghan Wireless:

The Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) ( is Afghanistan’s first wireless communications company and the founder of Afghanistan’s wireless communications market. AWCC provides 4G LTE, 3.75G+, 3G, 2.5G, Voice, Data, Internet and Mobile Payment Services to more than five million Business and Consumer Clients, located in all of Afghanistan’s thirty-four provinces. The Company has global partnerships with 425 wireless carrier networks in 125 countries.  AWCC was founded in 2002 by Mr. Ehsan Bayat, Chairman of The Bayat Group ( Mr. Bayat is the recipient of the 2018 award for Best Media and Telecom CEO from International Finance Magazine.


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