Stream And Surf Superbly: AWCC Super WiFi Service Launches In Kabul City

My friends, here at Afghan Wireless (AWCC), the letter H is shorthand for High Speed Internet, which we’re making available throughout Afghanistan. So, I’m very happy to announce that this week, we launched AWCC’s Super WiFi High Speed Internet service in Kabul City.

Now, AWCC’s Kabul based Business and Consumer clients can connect to our Company’s network of over 350 Super WiFi Hotspots, geographically positioned throughout Kabul, to provide both mobile and fixed base True Broadband High Speed Internet access to their homes and offices.

For our customers who are using Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and other Internet enabled devices, you’ll be able to access AWCC’s WiFi-enabled voice calling and texting service—and you’ll also enjoy fast download speeds, video streaming and data services, anywhere in Kabul, at any time.

You can access AWCC’s Super WiFi Service using four easy steps:

  1. Click on “Super WiFi” to connect
  2. Register on the webpage that opens and use Afghan Wireless balance to charge the Super WiFi account
  3. Choose a plan from the Super WiFi broadband plans
  4. Begin using the Super-WiFi service.

Our high speed internet service features the most advanced security available in Afghanistan today. AWCC clients access the Super WiFi Service by using a double password login system. Our ‘Super Secure’ login protocol, provides Super WiFi users with the highest levels of security and account protection.

Launching our Super WiFi Services in Kabul, is just the latest success in our strategy to provide Afghanistan with the most innovative, world class broadband, high speed, mobile Internet service. Whether its AWCC’s Super WiFi, or our new HD Voice Service, we here at AWCC will continue developing the products and services, that empower you to achieve your most vital professional and personal aspirations. So keep streaming, surfing and striving!

Until next time,


Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder and CEO, Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC)Founder and CEO, Ariana Television and Radio (ATN)

Founder, Bayat Foundation


HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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