Afghan Wireless’ 3.75G+ Network Grows—And Goes—To Kunduz and Badakshan

Growth, according to the dictionary I consulted before writing this blog post, is “The process of increasing in amount, value and importance.” You couldn’t ask for a better description of AWCC’s 3.75G+ high speed network. Everyday, our high speed network grows in size, value and importance to our business and individual clients.

A few days ago, Kunduz and Badakshan provinces became the newest regions to be connected to our 3.75G+ high speed network—Afghanistan’s fastest and most technologically advanced communications service. Our business and individual clients in Kunduz and Badakshan are using AWCC 3.75G+ network to send and receive the largest data files, access the fastest download speeds and utilize an array of the most innovative file sharing, streaming, video and data services.

In addition, if you’re using our 3.75G+ network in Kunduz, Badakshan—or anywhere in Afghanistan—you can choose from eight service plans which include AWCC HD Voice Service. HD Voice, is our exclusive call-clarity solution, which prevents dropped calls, and provides you with the world’s best sound quality for voice communications. AWCC’s 3.75G+ network is filled with features available only from Afghan Wireless, and you can learn more about AWCC’s 3.75G+ service here:

Early in 2015, my colleagues and I decided to expand our Company’s 3.75G+ network beyond Kabul—our goal was to provide AWCC’s world-class, high-speed communications services to every major city in Afghanistan. The popularity of our 3.75G+ service has exceeded our strongest expectations. Afghans are using AWCC’s 3.75G+ network, not just to scroll through Facebook, or watch YouTube; AWCC’s clients are using our 3.75G+ high-speed network as the platform for an amazing array of entrepreneurial activity and innovation, from online storage, to e-commerce and mobile banking and mobile payments.

AWCC’s clients are stellar examples of how growth—the growth of our high speed network, and the growth of our country—has added value, importance and possibility to the hundreds of new ways you’ve developed to communicate and connect with people here in Afghanistan and throughout the world. So please, keep growing, innovating and keep moving forward—and we promise that our communications services will be the strongest, most advanced platform upon which you can build—and achieve—your most important aspirations.

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Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder and CEO, Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC)

Founder and CEO, Ariana Television and Radio (ATN)

Founder, Bayat Foundation


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