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Information about the service:

Facebook over USSD (or Facebook via USSD) is a service where customers can access their Facebook account through USSD dialing from their phone and avail basic Facebook features. No internet connection is required for this.

Pack Validity Price How to subscribe
Monthly 30 days 50AFN/month Reply with 1 at step 5 (next page)
Weekly 7 Days 25 AFN/week Reply with 2 at step 5 (next page)
Daily 1 Day 5 AFN/day Reply with 3 at step 5 (next page)


Dial *303# to get started

First Time Users

Step Instructions
Step 1  Dial *303#
Notification You will get USSD response as “Welcome to Facebook over USSD from AWCC. Reply 1 to accept the service terms of use.”
Step 2 Reply with 1
Step 3 Service will ask for your Facebook login ID. Please enter your login ID
Step 4 Service will ask for your Facebook password. Please enter your password
Notification  Subscribe any bundle to enjoy Facebook –
Reply 1 for monthly pack @ 50 AFN/month
Reply 2 for weekly pack @ 25 AFN/week
Reply 3 for daily pack @ 5 AFN /day
Step 5 Reply with desired pack number, like if you want to subscribe monthly pack, reply with 1
Notification You will get USSD response as “Thank you, we have received your information and you will be notified shortly via SMS regarding your request.”
Step 6 Wait for a SMS notification of successful and dial *303# again.
You should be in the Facebook over USSD Main menu

Available Features

  • 1 News feeds
  • 2 Update Status
  • 3 Post on friends’ wall
  • 4 Friends’ Birthdays
  • 5 Friend Requests (view only)
  • 6 Messages (you can only chat with a friend who is online from http based web)
  • 7 Notifications
  • 8 Logout
  • 0 Help

Once you are in the Main menu:

Reply with 1 To see the top 3 entries of news feed (wall posts)
Reply 1 to see first post
Reply 2 to see 2nd post
Reply 3 to see 3rd post
Reply 4 for more
Reply * to go to previous menu
Reply # to go to main menu
(remember you have to reply in 40 seconds)
Reply with 2 To update your status
To update new status just reply with new texts.. that will be posted as your status
Reply with 3 To post on friend’s wall
Reply with 4 To check if today is any of your friends’ birthday
Reply with 5 To view pending friend requests (view only)
Reply with 6 To read unread messages (you can read only)
Reply with 7 To check the new notifications
Reply with 8 To logout of your account. If you do so, you need to enter your username and password again
Reply with 0 To see tariff plan and unsubscribe
In this stage,
Reply with 1 to see the bundle prices
Reply with 2 to unsubscribe. If you unsubscribe, your Facebook over USSD service will be unsubscribed, your original Facebook account will not be changed in anyways.


  • Daily subscription – 5AFA
  • Weekly subscription  – 25AFA
  • Monthly subscription – 50AFA

HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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