May was an active—and amazing—month here at Afghan Wireless. AWCC’s Product Development, Communications and Marketing Teams are celebrating the Spring season by launching a new generation of communications services (with many more to come), designed to help you accomplish every task on your wireless wish-list. Our latest innovations will help you communicate with the world faster and more affordably than ever.

AWCC Cellphone Charging Stations Debuting in Kandahar and Kabul City:

AWCC’s new Cellphone Charging Station, is now available in our Kandahar Brand Shop and will soon be available in our Kabul City location. Our Charging Stations feature the Afghan Wireless Logo and the Company’s signature Teal Blue and Orange colors. Each Charging Station has 15 secure, individualized compartments where our clients can safely store and charge their AWCC wireless devices.

Gmail on SMS:

Gmail on SMS is AWCC’s text-based Gmail service, which enables customers to access their Gmail accounts without the need of an Internet connection. The service, which is available to all of our AWCC Prepaid Customers, provides users with comprehensive communications capability. Clients can use AWCC’s Gmail on SMS service to check their Gmail accounts for new messages, as well as review, compose, send and forward email messages.

Gmail on SMS is available as a daily, weekly or monthly subscription service. And you can find out more about Gmail on SMS—and select the subscription plan appropriate for your communications needs—by texting 282 from your Afghan Wireless number.

AWCC Top Sim:

Celebrated in song by Shahzad Adeel, AWCC Brand Ambassador and popular musical artist, AWCC’s Top Sim service provides Afghan Wireless customers with a range of options, including On-Net calls for the low rate of 1AFN per 60 seconds, and Off-Net calls for just 1AFN per 30 seconds. Top Sim users also have access to 4.90AFN per minute International calling to top 11 countries. Learn more about out Top Sim by visiting the following link:

AWCC Minutes Packages: Maximum Minutes, Minimum Costs:

Now, our Afghan Wireless Prepaid customers can purchase new Daily or Monthly Minute Plans. AWCC’s Daily Minute Plans offer 75 On-Net minutes for 25AFN, while AWCC’s Monthly Pack provides 6000 On-Net minutes for 499AFN. These plans make connecting with your friends, family and colleagues easier and more budget-friendly than ever. You can purchase Daily Minute Packages by dialing *233*1*1 and Monthly Minute Packages by dialing *233*2*1# from their Afghan Wireless number.

AWCC Night Surf Bundles:

Our customer can purchase AWCC’s Night Surf Internet Bundles, and enjoy 1GB of high speed Internet service for only 20 AFN. AWCC’s Night Surf Service features unlimited renewals and is available to all Afghan Wireless Prepaid Clients. You can subscribe AWCC’s Night Surf Bundles promotion by texting ‘N1GB,’ to 151 from your Afghan Wireless number.

Prepaid Data Roaming:

AWCC’s Prepaid customer will now be able to use their Prepaid Data Plans in ten countries, for as little as 3AFN. However it does not stop here,  because we’ll soon be expanding our Prepaid Data Roaming Plans to include additional countries. Activating your Prepaid Data Roaming is fast and easy—Just dial 152 from your Afghan Wireless number.

AWCC Caller Ringback Tone Service (CRBT):

Select your favorite song from AWCC expansive music library—and use it as the ringtone that identifies a family member or a special friend. Customers can access AWCC's CRBT Service by dialing 8282 from their Afghan Wireless device.

Super WiFi: Expanded Service For Kabul Province—Coming to Other Locations Soon:

Expanded Super WiFi data packages, from 50MB to 150GB, are now available for our clients based in Kabul Province—and soon, we’ll extend this amazing offer to our clients in other provinces as well. AWCC’s Super WiFi service combines fast connectivity and deep, robust signal service to provide you with Afghanistan’s most advanced, high speed communications network. Additional information about AWCC’s Super WiFi services is available from: and by dialing 123 from any Afghan Wireless device.

A wise leader said that “After all, change is inevitable, but growth is optional.” We founded Afghan Wireless in 2002, and every day we’ve been in business has brought unforeseen challenges—and many more amazing opportunities for growth and progress.

Wireless communication—and the world we live in—have changed dramatically in fourteen years, but here is one promise that we’ve made to you, which will never change: Afghan Wireless will always provide you with the most technologically advanced communications services, which empower you—and Afghanistan—to grow, to connect to the wider world and to build a better future—for yourselves, for your families and for our country.

Until next time,


Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder and CEO, Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC)

Founder and CEO, Ariana Television and Radio (ATN)

Founder, Bayat Foundation


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