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Join AWCC family today with widest coverage to enjoy the fastest, most reliable 4.75G+ Speed and HD Voice quality.

Enjoy TOP SIM – With new preload benefits:

SIM Price 75 Afs
Initial Balance 100 MB + 30 Min + 30 SMS
To Same Plan 1.85 AFN/min
On Net Call 1.85 AFN/min
Off Net Call 2.20 AFN/min
Pulse 30 seconds
International Call Standard
On Net Night Call Standard
On Net SMS 1.85 AFN
Off Net SMS 2.20 AFN
Data PAYG 110AFN/1GB
Data PAYG 0.11/1MB
International SMS 10 Afs
Migration *298*1#
FNF *1 Number
*1 On-Net Number: Call 0.75 Afs/min and SMS 0.75

Terms & Conditions

  1. The preload or initial balance benefits (minutes and SMS) will be used for On-net events.
  2. Data benefit can be used for any internet access at any network (2G/3G/4G).
  3. Preload benefits will be the first priority to consume before the main account or any regular pack.
  4. The preload benefits is valid until 30 days from activation date and the remind balance will be forfeited when meet the expiry.
  5. This new TOP SIM offers is available at any Sales Channels – AWCC Center, Brand shop, and register retailers.
  6. The inactive TOP SIM in the market to be provisioned with the new preload benefits.
  7. To check the preload benefits, for Data *367*50*4#, for Voice *367*51*4# and for SMS dial *367*52*4#

You can get the New Top SIM from any AWCC brand/ retail shops, across the country.

HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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