Discounted Local Call Rate Offer

Now talk as much as you can with AWCC Discounted Local Call Rate!

Call any mobile number in Afghanistan with best call rates & enjoy HD Voice quality.

Just pay 49 Afs in a month & make calls to all AWCC numbers at 0.99 Afs per minute & to other local networks at 1.49 Afs per minute.

For subscription, simple dial *555*49*1#

Offer Details:

Offer Name On-Net Call Off-Net Call Monthly Fee Validity Activation
AWCC Discounted Local Call Rate ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­0.99 Afs/Min 1.49 Afs/Min 49 Afs 30 Days *555*49*1#

Enjoy amazing call rates with AWCC’s daily minute bundles to talk to any Afghan wireless customers. We create bundles to suit your life style and provide you options to use as per your convenience.

Product details:

Bundle Price Minutes Activation Deactivation Balance Check Auto Renewal
Hourly 10 AFN 60 Minutes *233*10*1# *233*10*2# *233*10*4# No
Daily 10 AFN 15 Minutes *233*3*1# *233*3*2# *233*3*4# Yes
15 AFN 50 Minutes *233*15*1# *233*15*2# *233*15*4# Yes
25 AFN 100 Minutes *233*1*1# *233*1*2# *233*1*4# Yes
Weekly 46 AFN 200 Minutes *555*7*1# *555*7*2# *555*7*4# Yes
90 AFN 550 Minutes *233*8*1# *233*8*2# *233*8*4# Yes
135 AFN 650 Minutes *233*7*1# *233*7*2# *233*7*4# NO
Monthly 180 AFN 1000 Minutes *233*9*1# *233*9*2# *233*9*4# NO
200 AFN 1200 Minutes *233*12*1# *233*12*2# *233*12*4# NO
300 AFN 2000 Minutes *233*4*1# *233*4*2# *233*4*4# NO
499 AFN 6600 Minutes *233*2*1# *233*2*2# *233*2*4# NO

Terms & Conditions:

  • All AWCC prepaid customers can subscribe to this plan through USSD & SMS.
  • Subscribers need to have sufficient balance to buy the bundle.
  • The inclusive minutes are used for all on-net calls within the validity period.
  • (Applicable on Minutes Pack Daily) – In case of remaining out of balance for several days, customer will pay only for a single day on which he can use the inclusive minutes, not for the past days.

For More Information Call / SMS 152 or Call 0700 830 830 or visit any Afghan Wireless Brand Shop

Bemesal Plan is a time based Free call minutes promotion both for On-Net (AWCC to AWCC) & Off-Net (AWCC to other Operators) calls, where customers can subscribe monthly plan and enjoy the best tariff for On-Net & Off-Net calls.

Best Call Rate to Any Number- Any Time

Product Name Rental Fees Minutes Activation Balance Check Code Validity
Bemesal 2 150 AFN 83 minutes *255*2*1# *255*2*4# 30 Days
Bemesal 3 450 AFN 250 minutes *255*3*1# *255*3*4# 30 Days
Bemesal 4 900 AFN 650 minutes *255*4*1# *255*4*4# 30 Days

Product Details

  • Calling Minutes could be used for Local On-Net & Off-Net numbers only.
  • Calling Minutes are not valid for International calls
  • Calling Minutes benefit is not applicable while International roaming.
  • Local On-Net/Off-Net minutes would forfeit, post expiry of the validity.
  • Post calling On-Net & Off-Net minutes usage/forfeit, customer would be charged from base tariff.
  • Customer subscribed to Pack-1 minutes bundle today at 10:00 AM on 1.09.2014, expiry of the product would be set at 23:59:59 PM on 30.09.2014.

For More Information Call / SMS 152 or Call 0700 830 830 or visit any Afghan Wireless Brand Shop

Offer details:
Now all 2.99 plan users can enjoy unlimited Night Talks using Afghan Wireless Night Call Offer. Offer comes into Daily packages the details are as below:

Night Call Offer Price Inclusive Minutes Effective Hours Activation Deactivation
Daily 10 AFN 600 minutes 10:00 pm- 6:00 am *212*1*1# *212*1*2#

AWCC provides the customers with highest convenience to call and text to any local networks at the best possible rates. The AWCC All-Net offer provides you a chance to talk to any local network at the lowest rates at any time.

Offer Summary:














Weekly 80 Afs 100 Min 60 Min 40 Min *255*8*1# *255*8*4# *255*8*5#
Monthly 200 Afs 300 Min 200 Min 100 Min *255*9*1# *255*9*4# *255*9*5#

Terms and Conditions:

  • This offer is available to Top SIM and 2.99 plans.
  • The offer is subscription based; customers must subscribe to have this discounted rate.
  • The daily rental is applicable for everyday until the offer is terminated or expired.
  • The cross subscription will not be available on this plan. Subscribers who have another on-net or off-net offer active will not be able to subscribe for this offer.
  • Customers under this offer should have the opportunity to subscribe to all ILD offers.
  • Upon Deactivation of this offer customer should be able to use all other Voice offers.
  • The offer should have auto-renewal policy. Per day 1.98 AFN daily fee to be deducted till unsubscribed from the system.

Get all your Voice, SMS and Data plans in one place with AWCC KAHKASHAN COMBO VOICE BUNDLE!

A new initiative designed to cater all your communication needs and always stick together with KAHKASHAN COMBO.

Call your loved ones and use the best 4G internet and send SMS for an entire month without any hassle.

Offer Details

Bundle Name Price (AFS) Validity Auto renewal Bundle Quota
ON-Net Mins ON-Net SMS Data Activation Deactivation Balance Check(Min) Balance Check(SMS) Balance Check(Data)
KAHKASHAN COMBO 299 30 Days No 1000 No 1 GB *255*299*1# N/A *255*299*4# No *255*299*5#
220 30 Days Yes 1100 1100 500 MB *255*220*1# *255*220*2# *255*220*4# *255*220*5# *255*220*6#
399 30 Days Yes 1500 1500 2 GB *255*399*1# *255*399*2# *255*399*4# *255*399*5# *255*399*6#

Terms and Conditions:

  • All AWCC prepaid customers can subscribe to this plan through USSD.
  • The Quota allowance is applicable for on-net call, on-net SMS, and FB access on 2G/3G/4G Networks.
  • Customer can subscribe as many times as he/she want once deactivate the current bundle subscription.

For more info call 152 or visit @MyAWCC Facebook Page.

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