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Find your favorite job and reach your goals. 


AWCC Job Portal is designed to provide carrier oriented services for you in Afghanistan and helps you in finding a preferred choice of job, make a detailed profile, Interview preparation, skill improvements, scholarship programs and digital library also present for the assistance of job seekers. 

AWCC Job Portal is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) based service that you are connected to the automated computer system that interacts with callers through the use of personalized voice prompts and connects to a self-service menu options where the you can access with assistance from pre-recorded messages. 


Just dial 7272 & follow the instructions. 

Subscribe now and find your favorite job. 

Package  Minutes  Charges  Auto-renewal 
Daily  40  5 AFN  Yes 
Weekly  150  20 AFN  Yes 
Monthly  400  40 AFN  Yes 

Now, Afghan Wireless subscribers can find entertaining and informative tips at AWCC Ladies Portal by dialing 353. This Portal contains the following features:

  • Beauty Tips
  • Health Tips
  • Cooking Tips
  • Maternity Tips
  • Reading and Listening to Poetry
  • Music
  • Stories
  • Women in Islam

7 AFN/week, for more details call 152

It’s natural to take time out from your busy life schedule in order to relax.
Now you can subscribe to AWCC Infotainment Portal to enjoy the following infotainment topics by dialing *882#:

  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Sports

Package Detail:

Package   Activation Deactivation Price
Daily *882# or *882*1# *882*9# 2 AFN
Weekly *882# or *882*2# *882*9# 5 AFN
Monthly *882# or *882*3# *882*9# 15 AFN

AWCC’s Fun Portal provides AWCC subscribers with the latest, most compelling digital entertainment services, including Games, Videos, Music, Movies and Wallpapers. AWCC subscribers can access the AWCC Fun Portal by sending the following short codes from their mobile device:

AWCC Fun Portal: Activation, Deactivation and Service Charges:

Short code Packs Price Activation Deactivation Auto – Renewal
372 Daily 2 AFN Send F1 to 372 Send Stop to 372 Yes
372 Weekly 10 AFN Send F2 to 372 Send Stop to 372 Yes
372 Monthly 30 AFN Send F3 to 372 Send Stop to 372 Yes
Content Download Charges
Online Games Unlimited free till subscription validity
Games Download 20 Games free after subscription after 20 will charge 1 AFN per game
Video Download 3 AFN per video download
Wallpaper download 1 AFN per Wallpaper download

If you are enthusiast of Sports! Afghan Wireless Sports Portal will give you access to find updated news of sports, Best leagues live streaming, Matches schedules, Match highlights, Players info, and more. Also, at sports Portal you can predict and win prizes of Free data bundles, Minutes bundles and top up cards. to OPT IN visit:

Sports Clubs:

  • Cricket Club
  • Football Club
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Other Sports Events

How to Activate:

How to Deactivate:

Product Pricing:

Package Price Validity
Daily 5 AFN 1 Day

For more information please contact 152.

We care about your health.

We have specially designed E-Sehat services for you to benefit from the advice and health services.

This service offers comprehensive information & solutions for your like access to live doctors, first aid information, seasonal sickness/viruses, vaccinations, hospital introduction, precautions, hygiene, basic advices & prescription.

Service availability:


Packs Fees Activation
Daily 3 Afs Send 1 to 277
Monthly 30 Afs Send 3 to 277

Service is available for all prepaid subscribers.

HD VOICE apple certified superwifi 4.75G

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